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The faculty member of the School of Life Sciences conducts research according to their areas of specialization or study, and the results are excellent. They start from a point and research into the topic either horizontally or vertically; establish genomic, molecular, cellular and vivo research systems to study genes, protein molecules, bacteria, viruses, cells, enzymes and higher organisms such as Drosophila melanogaster, mice, and humans.


The School has gained international visibility, as demonstrated by the recent published papers in top-notch journals, e.g. Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Cell Biology, etc. The outstanding performance of faculty members makes them the frequent recipients of national prestigious awards such as: National Forum Professor by Ministry of Education, Merit NSC Research Fellow and Outstanding Research Award by National Science Council, and Outstanding Research Award for Basic Medical Research by Yen Tjing Ling Medical Foundation.


The faculty members also actively engage in promoting the academic integration in the campus with outstanding achievement in recent years. The two major research focuses, genome research and neuroscience research, are initiated by our School, which was further developed and formed the base for the current Ministry of Education funded Genome Research Center and Brain Research Center in the University. In addition, the international leading role in the study of hepatitis and hepatoma has long been recognized.