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In 1994, transformed from the preceding Yang-Ming Medical College, National Yang-Ming University was officially established. Facing the new era of the fast growing development of life sciences research, the School of Life Sciences was established at the same time.


The School includes one undergraduate department, the Department of Life Sciences, and six Graduate Institutes including Neuroscience, Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biomedical Informatics, Genome Sciences and Biopharmaceutical Science. The School has approximately 110 undergraduates and 510 graduate students.



Currently, the School has 70 faculty members, The faculty members actively engage in research and promote the academic integration in the campus. The School has gained international visibility, as demonstrated by recently published papers in top-notch journals and by our alumni who have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions in various fields.


To provide students with a high quality education at the forefront of life sciences, the School of Life Sciences coordinates a complete and comprehensive education programs for undergraduates and graduate students.

1.   Undergraduate

l     Implement of life sciences core courses

l     Establishment of student mentoring system

l     Promotion of the 5-year-program for bachelor's and Master's degrees

2.   Postgraduate Programs are designed to allow new areas of specialization or study in the discipline in order to provide the latest knowledge and developments for students to allow the development of a foundation at the forefront studies of life sciences.